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What's everyone's childhood games?

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Wanted to make a thread on what everyone's child hood memories were with games.

Here is my list of games going into order on how much I played them.


Halo 3 - My most Cherishable game that has so many memories and met so many friends on there, only sad thing is don't know what happend to them. 😞

Runescape - First MMORPG game I played and got me into PC gaming.

ANY Open World Games - OG Oblivion, Fallout etc. (P.S I love Bethesda).

CS:GO - This is a love hate relationship not much to say.. :s


I'm mostly a PC gamer now but, I love all genres of games but these are my top games, Let me hear yours! ^- ^


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Tough one!  My childhood games were Dynasty Warriors 3, Kingdom Hearts (1 & 2), Runescape, Maplestory, and GTA: Vice City/San Andreas.

Kingdom Hearts will always have a place in my ... well ... heart.  Even with the disappointment of the 3rd one.  Not a huge disappointment, just expected too much.

Dynasty Warriors 3 was the game I would always go back to playing.  Since buying a PS4, I've own almost every DW game.  

Of course, Runescape & Maplestory were the games everyone talked about at school.  And I can never forget the classic GTA games.

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