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  1. yes, i'm using it. did not know this function. thanks for clarifying
  2. When you use barrage spells, blood runes are not being spent
  3. You only complete the achievement of obtaining a godsword shard 3 if you drop from a boss and not from minions
  4. a suggestion is to create a way to link the collection log and the statistics (in the quest tab with information on the number of open caskets, crystal chests, etc.) with the achievements so that people who have already achieved difficult tasks (like 10k crystal chests do not have to do this again
  5. Alpha61

    POH bug

    Hi! I would like to report a possible bug. a few days ago I changed the location of my poh to taverley (to facilitate my farming run). since then, I can't use the poh located at ;; home, nor to enter the house normally or use the build mode. Well, I said it is a possible bug for not knowing if this could be just the mechanics of the server, but anyway it is reported here I hope I was clear enough and made myself understood. hugs
  6. Agree. A solution for this is to increase the value or decrease the quantity in the pack
  7. Hello! PvM shop item suggestion is a summoning pot in pack. It can cost something like 5k pvm pts and come with 20 flasks, like prayer renewal. Hope you all enjoy this idea!

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