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    So it finally happened, Since making my 4 months ago I have fallen as a Hardcore Ironman. This is a video of my bank after I died and what I achieved whilst playing this game mode without dying once. This is far from the end for z e l d a and is just the beginning . I am happy for you all to roast me and call say nice hardcore when you see me in game and whatever else you want to say lol I would strongly advise anyone who is looking for a challenge to make a Hardcore and see how much you can achieve in the game without dying. This has been such a fun experience and I myself did not believe all those months ago that I would achieve what I did. For any of those wondering I am not sad that I died as all good things come to an end . I died at Cerberus It had back to back Ghost phases and had two range attacks in a row whilst resulted in a lot of damage being dealt and when I went to click my rocktail it dragged it instead so lesson learnt don't pvm on Ely when your tired haha. Finally thank you all so much you wonderful people who have supported me along My Hardcore ironman journey you have kept me motivated during the long tedious grinds and I love you all . yXKAd8D14t.mp4

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