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    Hello nerds, it's been a while. I um, don't know really where to begin but I will start with this. One day I did plan on coming back to this game... However... I have recently been in out of hospitals for the past couple of months. Why you may ask... mental health issues. Even writing this is fucking with me because I never thought a day in my life where I would feel so low like how i've been feeling. Ive been suffering from depression, anxienty, and panic disorder. This has been going on for several years... I've been pushing things in my life to the side and using things that will make me "feel better in the moment" so I can forget and move on. Well its all caught up to me... unfortunately. I wll say this, I never planned on taking a "break" this long. I just haven't found the energy, motivation, happiness that I once had, NOT ON THIS SERVER, but in life in general. I hate getting too personal especially to alot of you because some of you don't really know me or care about me which is totally fine. However I can say that I thought I would not be on this earth maybe 2-3 months ago. I have been lurking on these forums for so long aching to log back in one day but I could just never bring myself to do it... I've made some good, excuse me, great friends and had really good times on here that really make me miss playing. I don't wish for any sympathy. I don't want anything I do not wish to gain anything out of making this post. However my doctors have been pushing and pushing and pushing me to go back to my old roots. Go back to happier times. Go back to doing the things you used to do everyday that you enjoyed. Easier said than done doc, but this is my first step. For the ones that do care to read this and happen to still be ingame and don't see me, this post was more of a "warning" for the future. I do plan on returning one day, but not TOday, so I can relive those glory days and catch up on all the shit ive missed. A huge part of me really hates making this post because most of you are complete strangers to me, but for the ones who aren't this really is picking a huge weight off my chest and head. And you nerds know who i'm talking about... :^) For those who actually cared to read that all the way through, I thank you and have a blessed life. :D #StillMyWild

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