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Crafting Guide

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Hello all, This is my fourth guide for you all. Just like all my other guides this guide will be a set of tables that show you the exp you gain per item made. However with crafting I have left alot of items out such as making Jewellery. This guide is primarily for the best ways to get your crafting up.

All the items you find in this guide can be bought off the Grand exchange minus Onyx and Royal D'hide. I just included them as they are part of the Gems and Dragonhide and are the best methods if u where to get so many of them. 

Uncut Gems


D'hide Leather



Best ways to 99 and 200m experience from 99



The reason i've left Onyx and Royal D'hide out of this table is both cannot be bought from GE and would take far to long to gather these rescourses.

Also you may have noticed Diamonds gives a GP profit. Reason I left them out from a 99 or 200m method is doing them from 43 - 99 is only a 4.2m GP Gain.

Also the GP Loss is from me selling in the GE at 5% under its price for insta sell.

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