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Joel1 Unban Appeal

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Rules Broken (if any):repeatedly scamming/knowingly paying well below market value for items
Time Punished: IP Banned
Punishment Length & Type: Perm
Staff Member who issued the punishment: Kemi
Redeem yourself, explain the entirety of the situation: From the screenshots i was shown on discord for me resulting in a ip ban is abit harsh, yes i paid min 100m per 1$ but
that was what the seller asked for when we was doing a bulk deal in EP/maxs. As for the blackout dyes i had received offers over the 7b which i sold them for. i Apologies to 
gunzieand  for paying below the price for coffer keys which i shouldnt have, I also apologies to anyone else who i have underpaid or overcharged for certain items.
Why should you be Unmuted/Banned?: I have supported ely for the past 2 year+ and dont plan on stopping supporting ely. I will make up for all my wrong doings and attitude towards
other players. 
Pictures/Videos: N/A
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