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Dungeoneering Guide

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HI and welcome to my guide

Today we're going to learn how to train the Dungeoneering Skill

All rates are based on NO xp boost being active

This Guide will focus on how to train Dungeoneering but will not include any xp/token rates. 

To begin, you'll need the Ring of kinship Ring_of_kinship.png?11cae it's one of the items you start with when you make your account.

If you don't have it anymore you can get a new one from the Dungeooneering tutor either at home or at Daemonheim.

Bring your own gear to fight the bosses. If you have unlocked the protect from mage prayer,

use that, otherwise bring some food.

I highly recommend using range and a steel titan for the fastest run but melee works too.

Magic is bugged and does not work in dungeoneering.

Everytime you complete a dungeon run you get dungeoneering tokens which you can use to purchase various things
Including: Chaotics, bone crusher, scrolls, the prayers Rigour and Augury and more.

Remember to use your brqUaBL.png Voting tickets for 10 minutes of 50% bonus xp!

On Fridays you get DOUBLE Dungeoneering points!

Where to get the ring of kinship



Dungeoneering tutor at home, located just north east of the home bank



Dungeoneering tutor at Daemonheim, located a little to the north of ::tele daem




How to get to Daemonheim



You can either use the ring to teleport there or simply type ::tele daem



Dungeoneering Token shop





Located a little to the south west from where you land after teleporting to daemonheim



You can also access it via ::shops




Making a party



When you've got the ring of kinship right click it and click "Open party interface" or simply click the ring and click "Form party" Make sure you're by the entrance


Now that you're in a party (Can be solo or with more players) you can head in to the dungeon

Dungeon size doesn't matter, you'll get the exact same one no matter what you choose.


Fighting the boss



In the dungeon you'll fight 1 of 3 bosses that cycle: Icy Bones, Gluttonous behemoth and Astea Frostweb

Icy Bones



Gluttonous behemoth


Astea Frostweb

She switches prayer protections, starts with protecting from melee, then mage and finally range before switching back to melee.



When you finish killing the boss head up the ladder that appears to the north to get your xp/tokens.



How to charge chaotics



When your chaotic is out of charges it will display as (broken) but it won't auto unequip. NOTE: it will disappear after using it in that state for a while.

You can either: Charge it at Daemonheim via the shop npc for either dungeoneering tokens or GP or use a chaotic recharge token on it (you can get one from the Crystal Chest)





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