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Patch Notes XXIV

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A couple small fixes for today, fam.


Female Graetorian Armor models have been updated. Forgive me, way over-due.

Corrupt Vesta's Spear no longer unlimited in Grand Exchange.

Bandos Helm & Black H'ween mask stats switched.


I want to take the time to apologize in what may appear as a 'lack of updates' recently but again I want to remind you, fam..

We are spearheading this OSRS project and have made huge strides in the time we've taken so far.

With that said, I have been doing things here & there in the background & not taking the time to post. But will improve that.


Also, this coming Monday we should have a nice-sized update for you guys. We are gonna take a break from

the OSRS project to catch up on some bugs and/or suggestions to further improve Ely as a whole.


I appreciate everyone's patience & understanding as we spear-head this OSRS project. In the long run, it will all pay off for everyone.

Our main focus here is a successful Spring & Summer of 2019. School, holidays, etc we are in a slump time for RSPS as a whole.


So just stick with us through this, and we will continue to bring updates as we complete this OSRS project which has been

extremely successful thus far. Again, thank you all and we hope you guys enjoy what we have coming..

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