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Tree Patches are still bugged after 5-6 months...

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Ingame Username: Nick


Description of bug: My tree patches in Lumbridge and Gnome Stronghold are completely unusable


Screenshots, if possible: https://gyazo.com/1e728752ca2ecffa7af85ed5cb0daef9


Detailed Explaination: For about 5-6 months now I haven't been able to use my tree patches in either Lumbridge or Gnome Stronghold. I've reported it a couple of times and brought it up repeatedly ingame, but it doesn't seem to help. The patch in Lumbridge glitched maybe 3 weeks after I started playing, and the one in Gnome Stronghold glitched sometime in September. This is a major pain as it effectively cuts my potential farming xp in half. I just really want my farming patches to be fixed :(


Things I've tried:

Clearing Cache - This is definitely an account issue, as all of my other accounts are able to use these patches

Using a Spade/Plant Cure on the patch - This isn't possible as the patch isn't clickable

Talk to the NPC that clears patches - This isn't helpful as these NPC's do not work ingame like they do in RS



This is a serious drag that these patches have been bugged for so long even after reporting it. Each tree run should yield me roughly 1,000,000xp every couple hours, but instead only give me about 500,000xp


Edit: First report I made about this issue on May 24th - http://www.elyrsps.net/forums/showthread.php?282-Farming-Patch-is-nulled-bugged&highlight=farming

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