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New Armour/Weapons

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Hello there. As my side project here is to add new armours/weapons. Ill be listing in this topic everything ive added in-game & where to find them!


Lets start with

Dragonstone Armour:

King Black Dragon as of now drops ''armour shard''. The armour shard can be used to dragon full helm, dragon platebody, dragon platelegs, dragon boots, dragon gauntlets. This will give a slight advantage in stats over dragon armour.





Obsidian Armour:

This armour can be obtained from ::Tele Fight

you can obtain these armour pieces by farming Tzhaars-Ket's that have a drop rate of 1/789, Kill NPC's in fights cave for tokkuls, Kill Jad for Tokkul rewards & buy the armour pieces in Tzhaar shop. 1 Armour piece sells for 500k tokkuls. The obisidan set doesnt provide the passive bonus yet but it has been replaced with +10 accuracy on all pieces.





Elder Chaos Druids:

The Elder Chaos Druids have been added in-game. You can find these Druids in Chaos Temple just south from graveyard of shadows.



Swampbark & Bloodbark Armour:

There is a small invasion in a Canifis village, ::Tele Burg to defeat the Uprising Evil Undead army and (miniboss) leader Evil Ash

We might need that broomstick 👀 from Evil Ash.







(Armour will be adjusted later on for proper rs3 style so ignore the hands and head for now)



Lumby Moo Moo: 

Moo moo mo moo momomo mooo moom oooom moooooo mooo moom ooo moo obtain by slaying moo's i mean moo moo moo

::tele lumb moo moo moo moo moo mooooooooooooooo




Hailstorm Dagger:

This dagger can be obtained in ::tele canifis. Enter the canifis bar and a man should be waiting to mug you.





Abyssal Dagger (p++):

This dagger can be obtained via Abyssal demons. Best way to obtain this is in ::Tele hell where you can cannon them.





Mythical Max Cape:

You can obtain a mythical cape from vorkath, combine the mythical cape to max cape and it creates a mythical max cape.








Do i even need to explain 👀

Can be obtained from Evil ash at ::Tele Burg





Snow imp costume:

Evil santa was not very happy when he was not introduced as the evil villain in 2021 event so he sent his loyal minions to sabotage the christmas.

The evil snow imps stole Lations christmas presents. You can find evil snow imps in ::Tele snow, on top of the snowy mountain near ice strykewyrms.



(will be editing more)

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