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Appeal for Josh

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Name: Josh
Rules Broken (if any): broke a word of mouth bet in fp
Time Punished: ?? Idk lation just said to appeal for unban and see where it goes
Punishment Length & Type: Ban
Staff Member who issued the punishment: not sure maybe lation Matt or will
Redeem yourself: Honestly I was going to pay whether there was proof or no proof I wasn’t given proper time to pay back, I told the person I fped it’d be that Friday but was banned the next day, I will pay this back regardless if I am unbanned or not I’d just like the username back. 
Why should you be Unmuted/Banned?: Well, I really like the username and I kinda paid for it 😂 (was okayed but lation) I still play the game consistently and help the players who need help I get I could do that on another account but I’d just really like that specific one back, I know I’ve done wrong please think about it :)
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Accepted, thank you. Josh is now play-able.

Since this incident, we've clarified the rules a bit more when it comes to gambling specifically. Only thing I ask in return for the acceptance of this appeal is to please re-review the rules and be clear about what is allowed vs what is not, you can find them here.

Welcome back (officially, lel)

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