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Rules & Guidelines

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These rules are subject to change at anytime without warning. It is your responsibility as a player to keep yourself

up to date with the rules at all times. Ely RSPS rules are non exhaustive. Staff members reserve the right to punish

players for rule breaking as they see fit. If you feel as your punishment is not deserved/fitting, please fill out an Appeal

General, Forums and In-game rules


1. No inappropriate content, language or behavior, such as but not limited to:

(Spam, Flame, Harassment, Racial slurs).

Be respectful with other players, do not go out of your way to harass or flame another player.

While we do allow banter, arguments & such (this is a part of life) we do not allow constant harassment,

name calling, flaming or spamming others without end therefore disrupting their game play & experience.


Active debates between players are allowed, however if it escalates in a way it affects other players ability to speak

& use the Friends Chat to talk, ask questions, or play the game it is expected to move that escalated conversation

to private messaging. Failure to do so upon request by a Staff Member could potentially result in a temporary mute.


2. Advertising

While we do allow general discussion among players to speak what they will; may it be about another server even,

we do not allow explicit advertising & motivating or informing other players to seek out & play other servers.

We do not allow advertising in our Discord, Forums or In-Game. Any links, invites, or mentions to join other RSPS-related

private servers is strictly prohibited.


3. Account / Staff Impersonation.

There shall be no attempts at impersonating any Staff Members in any circumstance. This rule also applies to

impersonating another player or players. This is to reduce confusion and limiting potential scam-artists.

4. Punishment Evasion.

If a punishment has been delivered to your account or accounts you are fully expected & required to serve out

the time period & punishment given in its entirety. Any attempts made at trying to avoid this punishment is strictly

prohibited and could result in an increase of time or severity.


5. Third Party Software / Botting / AHK

We hold a strict no third-party software policy. We believe that the best way to enjoy the game we offer,

is to play it yourself. This also includes any type of, but not limited to: botting, macro, mouse key use; no animated

game-play of Ely is permitted whatsoever. Staff Members reserve the right to punish anyone for suspicion of use

of any third party software, botting & botting attempts, AHK, or others.


6. Threats to the community and player base

Any attempts or threats made towards a player or the community as a whole is taken seriously.

We do not permit any type of threats made or attempts at harming or damaging the community or a player.


7. Bug Abuse / Safespotting bosses

During your time playing it is possible you may experience a bug or a glitch that is not meant to exist.

We take all bug reports seriously and fix them rapidly. If a bug has been discovered that gives a player any

advantage over the normal & correct game play in any area it is fully expected that you report that bug as soon as possible.

Failure to do so & any attempts found at trying to profit from wrongfully trying to gain an advantage on other players

could classify as bug abuse & will be punished accordingly.


We do not allow any safe spotting of any boss to occur at anytime with one exception; if the safe spot

exists in the original version of the game it is permissible.


8. PVP (Player VS Player)

PVP is encouraged - every player enters the Wilderness at their own risk. However we do not allow nor permit

any attempts of or successful attempts at luring another player in the Wilderness to be killed & looted.

Staff is not to be killed in the wild if they're attending a bug related issue.

9. Account Sharing / Giving away an account / Item lending

We allow account sharing / giving away an account, however any agreements made between players on sharing

an account / ownership transfer must be documented by screenshot, message or other form of proof upon agreement.

Sharing an account with someone else is at your own risk, as is giving it away.

Our staff will not assist or help in any case whatsoever that results in a hacking / scamming or other.


When lending an item to another player it is entirely at your own risk, staff will not take part in retrieving the item for you.


10. Multi-logging Accounts

Multi-logging is permissible & allowed in nearly all areas of the game except; multi-logging is never allowed at any

Bosses, Player and/or Staff-hosted events or the Wilderness.


11. Real World Trading

We do not allow any type of real world trading for items, gold or accounts between players.

You can not trade anything Ely related for something non Ely related.


12. Scamming

At no time is scamming of another player, or taking advantage of another player whether new or active permitted.

Maintaining honest game-play within Ely is a priority and scamming would hinder that mission.


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Updated rule 9.

"b) When lending an item to another player it is entirely at your own risk. Staff will not take part in retrieving the item for you."

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Made some changes to the rules:

Moved Rule 12 - Safespotting to be a part of Rule 7 - Bug Abuse

Added a new rule, Rule 12 - Scamming

Updated Rule 9 - Account Sharing / Item lending to make account ownership transfers clearer.

Updated Rule 11 - Real World Trading - Removed "However an Admin+ may assist in one player donating in the place of the other in exchange for whatever their agreement may be for discussed price, item, or donation." as this is not needed anymore due to donator scrolls.

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Updated rules:

8 - Added: Staff is not to be killed in the wild if they're attending a bug related issue.

11 - Made the RWT rules clearer.

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