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Achievement Rewards

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We're currently going through what reward perks people get from completeing the achievements and we need your help!

Perks are a hard topic and need to be well thought of. So I thought why not ask the community! Since you are the players and what make Ely, we are asking for your ideas and suggestions on what these perks can be! 


These are the OSRS achievement perks, obviously they dont relate to ely at all, so they will need to be changed accordinly if you wish to use this as reference 🙂

Thank you!


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achievement mboxes with different rewards according to the achievements completed, pvm, skilling, and misc. Maybe things like daily skip tasks with 10-50 achieves done revives at zulrah i think some of the things from osrs would go good to ely since we do have some osrs content :P special attack pots would be a nice add to game. ill try and write up a little mini thread of items id like to see come in from the boxes i mentioned above 

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