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Voting Shop Additions

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Reposting from Discord



Also, what I was talking about earlier. I was always a fan of adding more functional rewards to the voting system so it's not overflowing with mostly cosmetics. The last time I pushed for something like that, we got the skilling boxes out of it.

To extend beyond that, I was thinking something along the lines of "skilling crystals". Similar to how the kiln crystals work, it would be a one-off consumable. Each crystal would give an xp boost in its respective skill slightly greater than the 50% given from just using the vote tickets, making it better than either vote tickets or skilling pendants, but only for one particular skill, and for a set duration of time.

Along with this, it might be neat to have similar, nerfed versions of the kiln crystals themselves that players could break and use while slaying/bossing (but not within the wilderness) to give them that extra little combat boost.

Another combat-based idea was something along the lines of like a "resurrection ticket" or something, that would prevent a player from dying, and instantly bring the player back to 50% health. This would best be used to give a second chance at instanced bosses, like Cerb, where instead of dying and losing bunches, they could regain some health. It would cost a decent amount of tickets to make it balanced though so people wouldn't be able to use it commonly.

But again, some of this might be redundant or a little op


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100% support a currency leveling from voting, as your right the voting rewards are pretty limited and voting essentially keeps the server successful.

As for resurrection ticket, sounds like a good idea as well, but your right on it needing to be foolproof in the aspect of bugs & ways of taking advantage of it, unique idea no doubt tho.



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