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Presets Guide

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Hello all,

The following guide is going to show you how to begin using presets for your Equipped Gear/Inventory.

What are Presets?
They are a quick and easy way of equipping gear and/or setting up an inventory layout.

Where to find Presets?


Creating a Preset

1. Equip any gear and/or set out your inventory how you would like it to be.

2. Click the large 'Configure Presets' button at the bottom of the tab shown above. It will open the interface shown below into the chatbox.
Note: It says 'Configuring Preset #1' - Whichever preset is highlighted green, as shown in the screenshot above, will appear here.


3. Click the 'Save Preset' button - this will replace the chatbox with the interface shown below.


4. Click option 1 'Update preset #1' to update/save the preset that was highlighted green.
Click option 2 'Save as new preset' to save a completely new one.

5. If option 2 was selected, follow the dialogue options that now appear in the chat box to name the preset and give it an icon which I will go through below.

Changing Description/Icon
It is possible to change the description/icon of a saved preset at any time.
However, as mentioned before, the preset highlighted green will be edited.

1. Click the 'Configure Presets' button then select option 2 or option 3 in the chatbox.


2. Option 2 will bring up a simple renaming interface in the chat box. 
Option 3 will bring up the below interface in the chat box. It works just like the grand exchange search.



3. Once you have found the icon you want to use, just click it to save.

Below is an example of my own preset tab.


Key Information:

  • Presets can only be created/activated while standing at home.
  • Inventory & Equipped Gear must be completely clear before a preset can be activated.
  • Upto 10 presets can be saved at any one time.
  • You can only configure the highlighted preset - to change which one is highlighted, you will need to activate it. Whichever preset you use last, will be the one that remains highlighted all the time.
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