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Money Making - Guide [For New Players]

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Hello everyone, welcome to my guide! 


Money Making Guide [ For New Players] 



You can start with thieving to make some money 



 Bakers Stall 

1 click = 10k 


Silk Stall [level 45] 

1 click = 15k 


Gem Stall [level 75]  

1 click = 25k 


Also you can sell the stuff that you will get from those to shopkeeper for extra money! 


From 1-99 i made around 100m (that's good as start) 




Yew Logs 

Worth 20-30k [level 60 to cut] 

Full inventory = 560k - 840k




Magic Logs

 Worth 30-50k [level 75 to cut] 

Full inventory  = 840k - 1,4m 






You can get money from agility tickets 

Agility ticket worth 2-3m 

You have to make a full round to get a ticket 

Every round takes 40-45 seconds 

1 hour  = 60 tickets+  = 120m-180m+


You can get the tickets from many places 


* Gnome course (level 85 to get a ticket) 

You have to do regular rounds till you become level 85 

Regular rounds from 1-35 


Regular round doesn't give a ticket you have to go up

Follow the steps: 

1) 6015twE.png

2) 9paf9HI.png

3) YLqu1KT.png

4) U0bcdCD.png

5) mPigwGy.png



* Barbarian Course ( level 90 to get a ticket) 

Regular rounds from level 35-52 

Follow this steps: 

1) e3KsmKG.png

2) U1rzdFS.png

3) ufMqrPC.png

4) 1uemshh.png

5) 9WY6l6j.png

6) 3aAvacf.png



* Wilderness Course [level 52] 

But be careful if you die you will lose the tickets!










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1 minute ago, Outlaw said:

Magic logs price checker only says 1.4k per log ? 

Examine price isn't always accurate, more often than not it isn't at all. Refer to the ::pg (price guide) for more accurate prices and or ask in the friends chat.

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