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Using slayer points to extend a current task

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Username: Spiral

Suggestion: The capability to spend slayer points to extend the currently assigned slayer task.

For example: spending 100 slayer points to extend the currently assigned slayer task by 20-30 kills (10-15 for bosses)

Why (how will it benefit players overall):  Having the option to extend slayer tasks would enable people to train slayer faster. It would also provide a greater benefit to having a slayer helmet.

Reassigning a task 10+ times to get a specific task can be quite annoying, with the ability to extend a current task people could get more value out of spending points; while also expediting the process of getting slayer exp. It would also make the slayer helmet a lot less useless overall and make the point purchase to make it less unsatisfying. It wouldn't help people farm points (obviously :P) and would also make slayer point items like the cannon more rare with less points being available overall in the long run.

It would make certain lesser bosses easier to farm with a slayer helm (like gwd bosses). People who farm harder bosses have better options than a task enhanced slayer helmet anyways. It would make certain low level bosses more viable for newer players and encourage them to stick around longer.


Just a thought 🙂


EDIT: I know this is a repost of a recent suggestion by Masoud, but I feel I've provided more of a justification for the change rather than just asking for it ^^. Will understand if this gets deleted as a repost

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justification for a repost
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I agree with your suggestion.

But one problem, I NEVER thought slayer helm is useless, it's basically the only helm I use, and spending points on it is more than satisfying.

Slayer helm is the most useful Item in-game tbh.

But other than that yeah, totally agree with the suggestion, already talked to devs about it and they said it'll require alot of work, but it will be done eventually.

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Glad to hear that it's something that's being looked in to 😄

I never meant that it was like a garbage helm or anything. Just that if you have end game gear there isn't a big reason to use it outside of a task .-.

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YES extend tasks! this is the 3rd time its been suggested, by yourself, masoud and me. Hope this gets added at some point

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