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  1. Owner Lation - very nice guys Always helpful Matt - to be honest never seen him before Developer Splash / Hardcore - never seen before sorry mate Administrators Kari - i would say i love him but i dont , he does not come online when i want his tz tol platebody trimmed. hope you see this and sets u thinking of selling me it. great guy btw Server Moderator Kemi - Friendly mod who cares about everyone Ultsonofares - never had a conversation with him but he seems nice Nelly - one of the best, really helpful and Always nice to everyone Event Manager Jordan (Kari3) - rlly but like rlly active almost everytime i come online he is too. Support Rahamies - Always helpful to those who ask nice Will - great lookout for people in search for help Z e l d a - legend Owl - nothing to say about you owl sorry mate

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