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  1. Hello, I'm looking for fellow Shrek enthusiasts to join my Shrek fan club where we get together once a week and discuss our lord and savior. Before starting this fan club I'd like to try and gauge interest and see if anyone would like to start one with me. Shrek be with you.
  2. This is a great feature bucko, great work!
  3. Hi well let me start by introducing myself my name is Cuckhold i am 20 years old i was born on the on the 9th of August and i am from Canada. I'm just your everyday average guy living life day by day i'm Shy,Quiet,Respectful, kind,Helpful,I don't smoke, drink or take drugs.I live with my mum. I have 2 older bothers, I don't work or go to college.I am on benefits i get $140 every 2 weeks because i have behavior problems,disabilities,learning problems, attitude problem and mental health problems,but this does mean i that i should be treated any differently.Anyways I'm on here because i don't have any friends,If you ask why its because i was never a social person growing up,so i use the internet to make some. I have friends on <br /> Here but i know they're not my real friends because they never message me or even try to get to know me,so i send them a message saying hi why are you not talking to me on here i thought we were friends? They reply back saying " Oh i have been busy sorry" <br />that's an excuse because if you are so busy you won't be on here everyday.I send people friend requests on here hoping to to have a friendship with them but they either say to me " Who are you? " Do i know you?" "leave me alone your ugly" I do not like this because it makes me feel like i am nobody and that i should just end my life because nobody wants to know me or be my friend or my girlfriend... I don't want to kill myself I just hate the fact that my life is so boring and so mediocre. I want to have friends and people to talk to but whoever when I send people friend requests in odrder to to a friendship with them on here they accept it,but they never talk or try to get to know me,and I'm like why did you accept my friends request if you are not going to talk to me at all.PS i don't think you want to be my friend because you might think i a boring person who is not interesting, not worth talking to or worth getting know, and also you you would either want to be with be friends with someone who has job who is more interesting then myself.Anyway's if you want to know more about me please feel free to message me or ask me questions if you want to know more about me, so tell me a little bit about yourself then if you do not mind me asking you?

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