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    Im so thankful for this platform and all ur guys' support. Ik theres everyone who goes thru things and worse idont wanna seem selfish or sumthing but i just thought id write it. I prefer talking "strangers" about things i feeel more comfortable idk if i worded that good Thankyou ppl
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    Am gonna do computer science bro
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    I dont like talking about stuff but i just made this forum as kind of a vent n writing down helps me. A few weeks ago like mid July me n my gf broke up and has hit me p hard. I have been drinking heavily and drug abuse since then. I have suicidal thoughts all the time n selfharm i feel really lonely and despondent idc about anything anymore. Which has also got me fired from my job cos i cant sleep everyday til 4am. I dont never leave my room or talk to anybody and dont eat anything. Im be going college soon so its gonna be hard to cope w everything but i got this far and im still alive. I love to play ely it helps take my mind off things n everyone there is cool. I I

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