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Commands List & How to Use Them

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List of all Commands


client - List of all client commands & toggles.

tele LOCATION - teleports you to the location you specify.

teles - Lists all possible locations for the tele command.

vote - Opens the Ely voting page in your browser.

refer - Copies your referral link to the clipboard to share with your friends to earn rewards.

skull - Skulls you

task - Displays current slayer task information

accinfo - Displays useful information about your account.

unlocks - View content unlocked on this account

sof - Opens the Squeal of Fortune

spins - Tells you how many SoF spins you have left.

lotto - Tells you when the lottery winners will be drawn.

shops - Opens the shop selection interface.

yell - Gloabal message if you have 75 votes or have donated.

drops - Shows drop table for the last NPC or item you examined.

players - Shows a list of all the players currently online.

rules - Opens the in-game rules in your browser.

store - Opens the Ely Store page in your browser.

forums - Opens the Ely forums in your browser.

news - Opens the news category of the forums.

resetatk - Resets your attack level to 1.

resetdef - Resets your defense level to 1.

resetstr - Resets your strength level to 1.

resetmage - Resets your magic level to 1.

resetrange - Resets your ranged level to 1.

resethp - Resets your constitution level to 10.

damagecounter - Toggles the NPC damage counter.

charmpickup - Toggles the auto charm pickup (Donor) benefit/aura.

wiki - Opens the Ely wiki.


Client Commands & Toggles


cls - Clear the console.

info - Toggle FPS & other information.

renderer - Print graphics renderer information.

heap - Print Java memory information.

color # - set console background color to specified decimal value.

scrollreset - Toggle scroll position reset on new command.

headhp - Toggle HP above heads.

headhp% - Toggle HP percentage above heads.

x10 - Toggle x10 hits.

playernames - Toggle player name above heads.

npcnames - Toggle NPC names above heads.

hidepets - Toggle right click options on pets.

playerattack - Makes attack always the first option on players.

npcattack - Makes attack always the first option on NPCs.

snow - Toggles snow on the ground.

saveuser - Saves your username in the client.

savepass - Saves your password in the client.

osrsfloors - Toggles OSRS floor overlays and underlays on OSRS maps.

osrstextures - Toggle OSRS textures on OSRS maps.


Click "Read more" to learn how to use your Commands




To begin, all you need to know is the Tilde key, shown here -> `

That key is typically to the left of the number 1 on most keyboards.


We have opened what is known as the Developer's Console to all players.

This provides a much more cleaner, efficient & easy way to use commands.

Once you have pressed the Tilde key, you will be presented with this screen:




This screen can be toggled on & off via that aforementioned Tilde key (`).

Within this screen you will be able to see all the commands available to you.


To do so, just simply type (without quotations) "commands" or "cmds" and press Enter.

This will display a list of all available commands such as: Teles, vote, task & more.




If you then type "teles" into the console and press Enter you will see this:




Our teleport command list is an extensive one & in alphabetical order.

You can get anywhere in Ely via these 50+ teleport command options.


Upon your first login to Ely you may have noticed the NPC & Player names

Floating above them. This is only there to guide you to get started.

This can be toggled on & off along with many other customization options.

To do so, just type "client" into the console & press enter to view these.



Here you will see (again) tons more command options you can try.

The description of each command (what they do) is on the right side.

To turn off these player names above heads of characters

Just simply type "playernames" into the console and press Enter.

Same goes with NPC's just type "npcnames" in console & press Enter!


I hope this helps!



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