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Player can become desynced or something and all movement sends you 2 tiles west of where you intend

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This has happened to me twice today on 2 separate accounts (Xenith and my KOTS account). Not sure what is causing it but it doesn't happen on login, just kind of randomly starts occuring and will continue until you relog.


This was causing me to no clip all over dung and pickup/interact with items 2 tiles west of where they were. I don't think the server actually recognizes you as being on the tile 2 west of where you clicked but rather where you clicked. I walked behind the bank counter at home, relogged and appeared behind the bank where I had clicked to move.


On my KOTS account alls I did was login, tele to dung and start going through floors. It started probably after the 3rd floor. 


I'll try and get some clips and data on this but wanted to get something up incase anyone else experienced the same. 

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