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Few bugs

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1. Pet green/blue dragons look like red dragon pet

2. Cannon is working same way in single as it works in multi zones.

3. Nex has 300 dmg cap at beginning , should be fixed.

4. Cant place Cannon at Dagannoth kings

5. Auras dont have recharge time, can instantly reactivate them.

6. None of the GWD minions drop items like bandos chest, tassets,boots, sara sword, etc ( should drop everything same as boss expect hilts )

7. Kalphite queen doesnt give any PVM points

8. Kalphite queen second phase ( where she protects melee) it doesnt work, you can still hit it with melee

9. You can place cannon at Fight kiln, QBD.

10. Royal crossbow has price of 1 gp. should be higher soo it wouldnt be instantly lost on death.

11. Wildywyrm doesnt do dmg.

12. Soulgazers are boss task but dont give PVM points?

13. Corporeal beast keeps it hp if you leave room, should instantly reset hp if room is empty

14. 300 dmg cap on Nomad, there should be none

15. Cannon should be placeable at kalphite queen?

16. You can continue on dominion tower even after you die, or just relog to get acces to bank...(no progress lost)

17. corrupt vesta spear can be bought unlimited in GE.

thats all what i remember right now

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