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Welcome Guide (draft)

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First of all, Welcome! We're glad you're here, probably.

There are a lot of common questions that get asked, so hopefully this guide will help you find what you are looking for.

If you're looking for something specific, hit ctrl + f and input your keyword for easier browsing.



The teleport command is a highly used and asked command. If you know where you're trying to go, attempt to use key words from there. examples: fight caves = fight, rock crabs = rock, daemonheim = daem or dung, etc.

  • ;;tele (location)
  • the home key on your keyboard will actually teleport you home

Misc commands

  • ;;rules opens the rules section of the forums, please read these
  • ;;sof opens the squeal of fortune
  • ;;shops opens a window for special shops including the pvm and skilling shops
  • ;;char allows you to change your character without talking to the wizard
  • ;;vote opens the vote section of the website
  • ;;pg opens the price guide forum
  • ;;wiki opens the wiki section of the forums
  • ;;train takes you to the training area

You can find all these commands by clicking the "~" key next to the 1 on your keyboard, typing "commands" and pressing tab or enter
You can also use this command line to save commands that you would use ;; or :: to activate by typing them in and pressing tab (do not type ;; or :: in the command line)

Home Guide


Below, you'll find a guide for all the things you might find useful at home


Notable features:

1. Start construction, both NPCs will be helpful. Pet manager. If you get a pet drop while using another familiar, it will go here.

2. Shops section of home. You'll find most early game items here that you'll need to start playing. Try browsing through all the shops to see what they have to offer.

3. Altar to bury bones on, and another altar to switch prayers/curses and spellbooks. Runespan wizard NPC, south of the altars, which is an AFK way to train runecrafting. He sells a skilling outfit that boosts runecrafting xp, and a rune pouch for storing 3 types of runes.

4. Diango will receive untradeable items after you die. right-click and select "collect items." Slayer master and the nurse. The nurse will restore all of your stats, including run and special att bar.

5. Crystal chest. If you find crystal key pieces, like a tooth and loop half, you can combine them to use on this chest and get random rewards. It's a low chance, but the best item you can get from this chest is a black h'ween mask, the best melee helmet in the game.

6. Grand Exchange (GE) NPC. The GE sells most items you can find in a shop in unlimited quantities. On weekends this NPC will advertise the daily event.

  • Fridays are double dungeoneering tokens
  • Saturday and Sunday are double minigame rewards, and double pvm points

7. Train summoning. The obelisk is for making pouches and scrolls, and the NPC "pikkupstix" sells most everything needed for this skill. He can be found in the same area.

8. Upgrade chest. It allows you to upgrade certain gear for a certain number of prismatic gems, or by trying your luck for a 25% chance of upgrading for free. In the case that it fails, you will receive 25% of the gems necessary to upgrade that item.

9. Gerrant. Sells consumables like brews and some types of food. He also sells the frozen key, which is required to fight Nex.

10. Thieving stalls, they are great early game money makers. After reaching level 90 thieving, tele to the citadel, run east until you find the dwarf "trader." He will be your fastest method of reaching 99.



  • The well of goodwill is outside the home bank. It gives boosts relative to how much gp has been donated to it. 250M = 25% bonus xp, 500M = 50% bxp, 1B = 100% bxp and a 10% drop rate increase
  • NPC next to the crystal chest that will decant your potions.
  • There are some items that you might find useful in the home gen store.

in-game reference


Training area guide


Below, you'll find a guide on the most efficient use of the ;;train area


1. This will track important stats you'll need to progress here in the training area

  • You'll gain points for every monster you kill that is on task
  • You get more points for killing higher-level monsters
  • Every 50 kills on task will grant 4m gp as a reward
  • The gp reward is not infinite and will stop paying out at a certain point

2. This is the NPC that you will use to change tasks and get rewards


  • I have tiered what items you should focus
  • The only thing that needs to be first is the whip, it will speed up kills by a lot
  • Every other item can be obtained as the points are gathered
  • The berserker ring should probably be last


As a side note, the cyclops in this area drop defenders

Teleporting/Misc Guide


Below, you'll find out how to use the teleports menu and whatever else I decide to cram in here


Right-click the world map icon to open the teleports menu. Open the world map and double click anywhere to teleport to the closest available teleport. You can also select the bottom option to choose the default left click.


Left click to attack all NPCs


  • The wrench at the top right of your client opens the Runelite settings
  • The section you are looking for is "NPC Indicators" shown above
  • Change the drop down box to show "Always First"


Slayer Helms

  • The black mask is tradeable, and can be obtained by cave horrors via ;;tele horror
  • To make the slayer helm you'll need to purchase the knowledge from the slayer master, as well as all the normal items that are also tradeable
  • In this version of RS, we have the full slayer helm instead of the imbued slayer helm which requires two items
    • Hexcrest, obtained by jungle strykewyrms via ;;tele jungle
    • Focus Sight, obtained by desert strykewyrms via ;;tele desert


Dominion Tower

It is highly recommended to claim rewards on double minigame reward days (Sat/Sun)

  • This is a safe minigame that gives some decent weapons, and best in slot gloves for range and melee
    •  The mage gloves are not bad, but not best in slot
  • The only mode that works currently is endurance mode
  • By completing 100 floors and claiming the chest, you are given a roll for 1 of 3 weapons and 1 of 3 gloves for each combat type
    • Duplicate weapons and gloves can be rolled
  • You will hear that you should complete floor 101, but this is not necessary so long as you are paying attention and be sure to COMPLETE floor 100, go past the gate, and claim the chest
    • If you are worried that the game will bug out, which I've never experienced, you can go past floor 100, up to 101, and do that one too.
  • Do not worry about the dominion factor, it is irrelevant
  • You can die at any point and not lose progress
    • The only thing that resets progress is claiming the chest


I certainly don't know everything, so give me your feedback on what I should adjust or add, and I'll do my best to update this accordingly.

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