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hey was fun bye!

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was fun, try to include new people , talk to them etc, engage with them. community is small and nice and such, but you cant grow if you ignore and exclude new people. iron man is the reason i was here ; cause it was solo. but if i queued regular mode or anything, non hardcore, just wouldnt of been fun at all. i wanna see the server grow cause rsps is dying and its super nostalgic and fun for me, but its dying because its not catered to growing. anyways, be on here n there but probably not committed. but i wish the best of all of you. good luck and have fun ❤️

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enter sends a topic i guess lol
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Sad to see you leave man. I agree with you 100% though!

We need to cater more towards newer players rather than exsisting members. 

Please come back and visit bro!

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Recent update wise we have been trying to cater to new players. Community wise it's tough as activity has died down recently. We have big things planned to change this but still have some QoL to work on in the meantime. Hope you come back to us in more exciting times. Stay in touch.


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