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Hey guys so with the ironman rework hitting of to a great start I thought about Nex and how it could do with some rework or minor changes such as removing the damage cap or lowering the minions HP as solo kills take 20+ minutes

This would make Nex more active as at the moment it seems like dead content as most people would rather do Graetoriax or Harbinger for the more offensive Torva and Pernix counter parts and Nex really only has Virtus as offensive mage gear but Killing Harbinger or Graetoriax takes 5-6 minutes a kill/trip in comparison to Nex who takes around four times as long and is possibly considered the hardest boss due to its different mechanics.

I think a rework on this boss would be great for all new player. Lemme know suggestions if you don't agree with the ones I have stated could be made so we can get Nex active again.

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