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Now Accepting All Major Cryptocurrencies

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Proud to announce Ely now accepts all major cryptocurrencies


We are pleased to announce Ely now accepts all major cryptocurrencies!

- 20.12.08-21.06.20.png Bitcoin
- 20.14.56-21.06.20.png Bitcoin Cash
20.16.09-21.06.20.png Ethereum
20.17.42-21.06.20.png Litecoin
20.18.07-21.06.20.png USD Coin
-20.18.34-21.06.20.png Dai

How Does it Work?

It works instantaneously just like PayPal! Ely has utilized Coinbase & their Commerce platform to
accept these cryptocurrencies & provides the payment processor to handle them.

You will send your cryptocurrency just as you normally would and Ely will determine how much
and supply you with those EPoints & total donated in-game as soon as the 1st confirmation on the blockchain.

It's very simple.. see below how easy it is (if you already use Crypto's such as Bitcoin this won't be anything new).

Step 1.

Visit the Store page as you normally would. Above the packages you'll see a PayPal logo & a Bitcoin Logo.
Click on the Bitcoin logo and new series of buttons will appear:


Step 2.

Click on any package you'd like to purchase as normal. A new checkout option will appear in the same window.


From here you will have the option of using your Coinbase account to choose which cryptocurrency you wish you use.
If you have your cryptocurrency stored any where other than Coinbase, select one of the Coin options below.

Step 3.

The next option will give you the following information:

- The exact amount of that coin (BTC in this case) you need to send.
- The address you need to send it too.

Alternatively, you could click "Show QR Code" to scan and it will auto-fill this information.


Click Next & you are done!

You will receive your EPoint's and rank in-game as soon as your transaction is confirmed on the blockchain.
(This time frame varies depending per coin used)


If you already use cryptocurrency - this will all be familiar. If you don't - it's as simple as 1, 2, 3 as seen above.

Why have we decided to accept this new form of payment? There are many answers to this question.
However as time has shown cryptocurrency has become prevalent especially in the online gaming area.

We strive to serve everyone as best as we can and offering this new form of payment is great! 

If you're unfamiliar with cryptocurrency and the like, below are just a couple reasons why it's a great choice..

1. Minimal transaction fee's
(Significantly lower than PayPal, no currency conversion fee's, etc).

2. Privacy/Confidentiality 

3. Fraud Protection

4. Anyone can send & receive

5. .. and much more!


Special Promotion

With the announcement of accepting all major cryptocurrency we are now running a promotion from now until June 28th, 2020 (one week).

Anyone who buys $50 or more of EPoint's using cryptocurrency will receive a free $5 Scroll!

Contact myself ( @Lation ) to redeem your free $5 upon completion of your purchase.


Huge shout out to @Matt for getting this system setup & running fully automated!
We hope you enjoy this & take advantage of this promotion while it lasts!

Enjoy ❤️ 

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