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Found 1 result

  1. DATE CONFIRMED! Hello all, Your are all hereby invited to the largest player hosted event in Ely History! Next week on the Friday 15th June 2018, amongst Kari, Swanky and I, we have have decided to try and host Ely's largest Drop Party and HNS Combined!!! The event will Begin at 8pm Eastern Time (Saturday 10am AEST) and will be hosted at the "::tele bet" Teleport. We hope to see you all there, and get your mice ready the cheese will be plentiful... May the luck be with you all! Huge thanks to Kari and Swanky for sponsoring the event. For all those who cant make the giveaway, I will be doing a 1-28 goodiebag here on the forums for you all! Please leave your in-game next to your chosen number. (PS. DO NOT TRY TO ADD YOUR NAME 2x, if you do you will be removed from the giveaway completely.) 1. Nick. 2. Flip. 3. 991atatime. 4. Nicky. 5. 6. Detroitmi. 7. Jonny / Worst HCIM. 8. Spoon1. 9. 10. Enzyme. 11. Josh. 12. 13. BrandBeast45. 14. Hades. 15. 16. LordTik. 17. Lation. 18. 19. Matthew. 20. Kutanaga. 21. 22. Jeremy. 23. 24. 99 pray plz. 25. Craydor. 26. 27. 28. Swanky. Goodluck Yall. EDIT: Congrats To all the GoodieBag winners, Enjoy your prizes!

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