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  1. I did read the post before posting this, unfortunately I don't have a screenshot or know how to reproduce this But I went to go do zammy as a slayer task and i had my amulet of fury on before that, then when I banked my items (using the quick deposit button) I could not find my fury after that when I went to gear up again. I paid 50m for it and now it's gone Ninja Edit: It is there just the graphic in my Armour slot disappeared
  2. The client just crashed for me? 

    1. Lation


      My recommendation would be probably enabling safe mode. Which can be done in the Launcher - Settings -> Safe Mode. Might also want to enable "Error Logging" in there which will produce in-depth logs about what is causing your crashes which you can then send to me. But if you enable Error Logging you will have to leave your Launcher open at all times while playing so it logs correctly.

    2. Genesis


      Thanks, I will do this next time 

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