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  1. Owner Lation - Great feller. Would rather play monopoly than Ely tho. Matt - Havent had the pleasure of meeting Matt yet. Developer Splash / Hardcore - Great with the community. The game doesn't seem to be broken so that's a plus. Active ingame as well. Charlie - Haven't had the pleasure of meeting Charlie. Administrators Kari - Active. Or at least when i am. Constantly helping. Generally friendly. Haven't had too many interactions. Server Moderator Nelly - Always heats up when Nelly is online. Great with the community. Always making conversation. Goddess - I don't think there has been a time Ive been online and Goddess hasn't been. Great help to anyone and everyone. Knows when to intervene. Keeps things short and simple when stopping hooligans. Event Manager Support Rahamies - Haven't had the pleasure of meeting Rahamies yet. To sum it up. The staff team on Ely seems to be active and friendly. Everyone Ive met seems to be doing a great job. The owners picked great people to support the community and i am very appreciative. Keep up the good work.
  2. if you use bones on the altar and then click the altar again it will let you get the bonus pray exp without purchasing it.
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    appreciate it.
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    Appreciate the heads up
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    Figured i would say hi... Hi. Just now getting back into RSPS. Use to play on a server called Hyperion. Played there for a long time. Became staff and then they shut down. Kind of ruined the taste of RSPS for awhile, but here i am. From what ive played so far this community seems nice. Feels like i will fit right in. Wish you all the best. Elementz

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