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  1. Owner Lation - Great guy replied to me instantly when had questions bout the server Matt - dont know him yet but if he is anything like Lation server is in great hands Developer Splash / Hardcore - WONDERFUL work he has not failed to meet my high demands for customs in the least cant say enough kind words about this guy right here Administrators Kari - Active in the comunity I see them on often answering questions no matter how often the question is asked Server Moderator Kemi - one of the first people to take time to help me when I first came to ely weeks ago Ultsonofares - dont know this person yet Nelly - same as Kari always active in the chat and on game good person to have on staff Event Manager Jordan (Kari3) - smart ass but hes our smart ass Support Rahamies - not yet met this person but look forward to it Will - great guy had a talk with him about my weapons a few days ago very supportive of new players Z e l d a - always puts out great guides and does best to help the player base Owl - only seen owl a few times but when I do they are answering questions all in all helpful like all the rest!

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