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  1. The praetorian gloves are untradeable. Lation did 100% say that they are suppose to be tradeable when they are not imbued and they aren't. If you guys can fix I would appreciate it due to without the full set being able to sell, the set is pretty much useless to sell as a whole and decreases the value of it as a whole. Thanks again 2fb84f68d55c0ca2274b27b73bcd4cce.mp4
  2. So every time I try to use a forlon primal hatchet it doesn't work. I have 99 wcing and also it doesn't need to be recharged because I went to daem and tried recharging and it says I have nothing to recharge (look at screenshot). It brings out my bronze hatchet on my toolbelt instead of using my forlon. Which i provided a gif of it and a screenshot of my skill level. Gyazo gif of forlon hatchet.mp4 recharge.mp4
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    Everytime I use my presets, majority of the time I freeze and I have to exit out of the game and sign back in and all my stuff is there equipped. Then sometimes it freezes for a few seconds and then I dont have to exit out of the game.

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