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    Owner Lation - As others have mentioned, great owner who enjoys interacting with the community treats members with little giveaways and stuff. Very friendly who enjoys to poke at people and enjoy the poke back. Matt - Ginnie - Developer Splash / Hardcore - Administrators Kari - Huge help! Kari has helped me with questions I had right from day one and it's been much appreciated. Knows how to have fun and also pokes at the community but when push comes to shove and you need help, Kari will have your back. Luke - Event Manager Jordan - I haven't personally interacted with Jordan I don't believe but I have noticed it's like an event itself when online. Usually joking around with people and did my first crashed star today and I really like those events! The rewards seem fair and they appear in random spots in the game so you really found a way to encourage exploration. Server Moderator Kemi - I don't think I've interreacted too much but I do notice that questions are answered and all the help is appreciated. Ultsonofares - Nelly - Also answers questions to the best of their ability and had my first encounter today I believe. Nelly asked if I was busy before entering a multi-attack zone and setting up a cannon just obliterate everything. To me that shows that Nelly is considerate and respectful and those are two great qualities to see in a staff member. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall, I'm happy with the staff on Ely. I don't talk much on open chat but reading through it somedays, you can really see that not only do they just get along; but they also appreciate and respect each other as well as everyone else. I have played other servers and this to me has the best staff members who care about the server that they work hard to keep going. Great work everyone.

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