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    Cave Horror

    Ingame Username: vinc mk2 Description of bug: Cave horror has 1 hp and drops nothing Screenshots, if possible: cave horror bug.mp4
  2. EDIT To find the location of the star go to your quest tab, then to events. It will tell you where it is or when it will be spawning.
  3. Crashed Stars Benefits to a Crashed Star Free Ores such as; Coal, and Runite ores. ~700k gp each time. Free Mining experience. When finished with the crashed star a star sprite will appear within the star, speak to him, and he will ask if you want to give him the stardust, if you want you can save it if you're going to continue doing the star for a while, thus giving you greater rewards, if not trade him for minimum rewards. Evil Trees Benefits to an Evil Tree Free Logs such as; Yew, and Magic logs. ~500k gp each time. Free Woodcutting experience. When finished with the evil tree a tree sprite will appear outside of the (now) dead tree. Speak to her and she will ask you to trade her kindling, if you want you can do the same thing as the crashed star and save the kindling for greater rewards, if not trade her for minimum rewards.

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