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  1. Hello, Ever since that Group Ironman Update yesterday, my account has been glitching out. Firstly what happens is an animation where I take a lot of damage with the Pre-Eoc animations popping up on my body and a health bar above my head, even though I'm not actually in combat or receiving any damage. Also, because I have my hp counter on above my head, I get a line of text saying 51234/512 or something similar. Whilst this is happening my account is oddly moving about, through walls, without the touch of my mouse. Secondly my client starts to lag a fuck load
  2. Hi, There's no option to imbue a Ring of Wealth at Mobilizing Armies. Is there any way for an Ironman to imbue a RoW? If not, can I suggest we put that feature in the Mobilizing Armies enchant feature. Thanks, Xbob

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