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  1. Bug #1: Revenants will not ever stop healing. It's actually impossible to kill the higher-leveled revenants because once you drop them below HP, the damn things activate their Dr Mundo ulti from League of Legends and regen every single hit you make. 500 damage drop them to 100hp, 450 damage afterwards brings them to 150. You can sit there for minutes at a time and not be able to kill a higher-level revenant because of the unlimited number of times they can heal, even with top-tier weapons (Which shouldn't be a requirement in the first place because of risk/reward.) Bug #2: Forinthry braces do not work. You can choose the "repel" option and nothing will happen. You can choose the "check" option and nothing will happen. Wearing one gives no bonuses and is a red herring piece of equipment.
  2. Username: RiDaku Suggestion: http://prntscr.com/oyywra Fix female avatars interacting with weapons/shields/defenders Why (how will it benefit players overall): I don't really have a speech to give on this. It looks bad and should be fixed. #LetWomenHoldWeapons (From the looks of it, female avatars are holding weapons as if they were male avatars, with females having shorter arms and smaller stature causing this bug.)
  3. Well, as roleplayers make hella use of thessalia (especially since there isn't a Solomon General Store), the graphical bugs are definitely going to be found out really fast!
  4. Username: RiDaku Suggestion: Make certain sets of gear easier to obtain. (Ex; White armor from Sir Vyvin, Darkmeyer outfit from more than rng mystery boxes ((as long as that doesn't devalue it too much)), implement the Keris item). Additionally, fixing the graphical bugs of Thessalia shop clothes and how sometimes your arms will come outside of the clothing (as seen here http://prntscr.com/ouduc5) Why (how will it benefit players overall): I understand there is no roleplay scene on Ely, and unless someone puts in a concerted effort, there probably won't be. However, it'll be much easier for players to adjust and join roleplay if the visual medium aids it. A core part of runescape roleplay is the use of the game to demonstrate and display your character's appearance, and with the ability to switch back and forth between new/old models for most every piece of equipment, all that's needed is the implementation of that equipment. Most all roleplayers make use of low-tier gear for their outfits. (I personally use Barrows but that's easy enough to obtain), but if someone wants to play a White Knight, they have to learn to kill Kalphite Queen and get very lucky on the drops. Additionally, for those that will never have an interest in roleplay, easier access to White armor and weapons will feed in to your holier/brighter fashionscape.

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