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New Group Boss for players of all levels, live now! Bork-ini featuring drops such as: Mystery Boxes, tons of Skilling supplies, limited-time cosmetics & more!


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    Magic magic magic. I need more runes for new spells!


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    runescape,pokemon, being a dad.


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    stay at home father...i love her so much!
  1. Username: Merlin Suggestion: Potion timer on screen. (location not up to me,ideas would be appreciated.) Why: It would be of great help to have a timer on screen. When you are bossing, you have to check stats, Even checking the chat box during a social hour could kill your potion timing. a countdown or a potion bottle emptying like a hourglass would be choice. Details:i understand there are multiple potions you can use at once. this is not ideal. there can be color coded vials or timers based on the potion. At least it sounds nice in theory.
  2. Merlin

    Weekend Events

    Username: Merlin Suggestion: During the weekend, can we have events like the evil tree,shooting star ,and the wildywym can appear more? Why: its kinda crazy waiting for them to pop up. and more people will be likely to group and do it. Details: If there was more chance of them appearing over weekend, it may increase player skilling.

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