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Summoning bug glitch.

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So. I want to first off say.. I dont go and hunt for bugs to exploit... but I do get curious and do know a lot about coding a rsps. And do know how to work around a few things.. but also I do want to state I have not showed and will not show anyone these exploits unless it's a staff member.. just wanted to cover my ass and not get banned. Just for the fact I have a feeling I could possibly be a good asset to this rsps not just as a player but possibly a potential  staff/employee....

1st bug. So the areas that your not allowed to bring summoning. And where your familiar disappears and you can't use it. But it still acts as you have a familiar following you. If you go to the options after summoning a pouch. And hit see follower details you can still have the familiar attack monsters as long as it's multi. And also use the 1 from the potion shop for a mage boost as places like zulrah. Ect. If need be I can make a quick video and submit it to detail and show exactly how it's done 

2nd bug group Ironman can't lose their items to a player in pvp. If someone kills a groupironman. It won't allow the person to loot what was dropped on the ground. Only person that can loot the items is that gim that died for the items. Making gim completely safe in windy.

3rd the looting bag if in wildy and your going to die. You can dump everything into your looting bag. Drop the looting bag.. then you can either go get a new looting bag out the group Ironman bank. Or if your a regular player go kill monsters till you get a new bag and all your items you added to the bag you had dropped are still there. Also almost making the wildy a 100% safe place to risk your whole bank.. 

I do have about 5 more bugs like these I just don't have the time to type them up right now. Like I said if Will or lotion would like to reach out to me on discord and ask for a video of these few and the next few bugs I report I'm down to do it to help.. if I get alittle more free time soon I'll make another report with the remaining bugs in them.  Happy gaming!

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