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Found 1 result

  1. This city Tramp has got what you want Teleport to Varrock and run south behind the bar to find the tramp There is a Fishing tournament today! perhaps he'll let me in? Teleport to the fishing guild and run north/northeast and talk to morris Complain to the owner of the flea invested general store Teleport to Canifis and head into the general store and talk to Fidelio Read the book "how to evil 101". It's really Edgey! Teleport to Edgeville and go into the house behind the makeover mage and search the bookcase This little lost shack leads to a magical city. Dig at its doorstep! Teleport to lumbridge and run into the swamp and find the little shack shown above and dig in front of the door You enter this cave and you find somthing it Revs up your fighting spirit. Teleport to the rev cave and run north/northwest until you find the northern entrance and click on the entrance In the forgotten near the forgotten cemetery pray you get a reward. pray at the altar located there on the map. Teleport to the wildy agility and run south/south west. In a village that smells of fish, head north to the sea ,see what he has caught Teleport to Rellekka and run straight north to the dock with the fisherman on it and talk to him. a holy place with 4 fountains pick yourself a prize Teleport to Edge and run west until you reach the monastery and pick the cabbage shown Hunt down this rabbit hole and fish yourself out a prize Teleport to the hunter training area and run directly north to the second set of rabbit holes and search the hole shown Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack hid in the crate behind the candle stick... shop Teleport to catherby and run south and click the crate that has the option to hide in I spin against the grain I produce precious flour Teleport to lumbridge and run north to the windmill climb to the top and investigate the hopper eyvlrat goednun: solve and dig under the first light Teleport to Taverly dungeon and dig under the first torch upon the altar there be blood Teleport to runecrafting and go into the blood altar and click on it This Island got its name from bugs so go far north and dig on some rugs Teleport to pest control and run north east into the building with the quest marker on it and dig on the middle of the rug Many dragons are around dig 2 north of the southernmost corpse Teleport to metal dragons and run south all the way and dig 2 squares north of the skeleton that is sitting against the wall talk to the squire among the ships Teleport to Pest Control and run north to the ship dock and talk to the squire next to the fence Under the wall you go to get the hops you grow Teleport to Yanille and go to the shortcut and click on it (thank you sin for providing this spot) The grave yew want to dig at is close by teleport to lumbridge and go to the graveyard to the south and dig in front of the grave closest to the tree Its dangerous to monkey around in this dungeon better take your prize and leave Teleport to ape atoll run west along the water and click the bamboo ladder (thank you sin for this spot) lihl Igtnsa solve and find the right crate teleport to hill giants and click on the most southeastern crate by itself (thank you sin for this spot) These dwarves are short tempered better mine my own buisness teleport to falador and south east to the dwarven mine entrance behind the east bank and talk to a dwarf Water you doing these are just old rocks Teleport to lumbridge run south into the swamp and run south west to the water altar and click on them (thank you ella and intrances for the answer) THAT IS ALL I HAVE FOR NOW PLEASE POST YOUR CLUES AND ANSWERS IF YOU HAVE THEM AND IF YOU HAVE ANY TROUBLE DO NOT HESITATE TO MESSAGE ME IN GAME FOR ANYTHING MY IGN: Fireman I Also want to thank the following people for motivation to make this. Kari ( the one who helped me decide if i should or not) Jeremy ( complained the pictures were too big and nagged me until i fixed them) Sin ( Provides clues I don't have ) Kieranonpc ( emotional support) Fuk ( his 0% game knowledge is why i can solve these)

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