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  1. Suggestion 6: Construction remove object dialogue Why (how will it benefit players overall): Idea of adding the option to remove and stop asking me, (an RS3 option where you can remove the object without constantly having agree to removing the object), after clicked yes, don't ask me again (or whatever way youd phrase it), it would reset on login, so it would ask you again until you log out.
  2. Thats great, thanks for taking my suggestions to account!
  3. Thanks for your reply, I wasn't aware of the shard packs being at a different, shop (suggestion 3), maybe would be better to add it into summoning shops, nerveless at least its somewhere. As for Suggestion 5, I appreciate the support and as Indicated above, can help with the implementing if needed of couse or either guiding as to how to implement it! Cheers.
  4. Username: oneinfive Suggestion 1: Replace the bot items with note-able versions Why (how will it benefit players overall): Makes it easier to buy them in bulk rather than buy 28 at once then banking. Suggestion 2: Replace the regular logs on the bot shop Why (how will it benefit players overall): They are not the correct logs, they have no skilling function. Suggestion 3: Adding summoning shards pack Why (how will it benefit players overall): Makes it easier to buy shards rather than buying 500 at a time which is a bit tedious Suggestion 4: Adding maybe some sort of double exp weekend or some sort of xp boost every weekend (perhaps 1.5xp)? Why (how will it benefit players overall): It seems like a feature on many servers so just an idea! Suggestion 5: Adding more RS3 features on the construction home portal. Why (how will it benefit players overall): Its very tedious when using the portal to go to a friend's house or even your house. You have to type the name all the time for a friends house. Another thing is it would be great to add the right click options like in RS3 where you can directly choose your preferred option from right click. Also replacing the join a friends house with the real dialogue where the last players houses' name you have join is remembered. I have developing experience on RSPS' and willing to help if needed, have done this before, a dm on discord or pm and I can help, if needed ! This is what i meant if you couldn't under stand what I was tryna guide at! Im also aware this is the OSRS option screen but its essentially the same between versions! My bad if any of these have been mentioned before as I didn't take a look at any other posts, will post more if I can think of some more! And thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions!

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