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  1. I wasn't using a macro to thieve alch and using the N word isn't inherently racist just offensive, but I don't even care about that because theres a player named 'Massive Fag'? How is that any different?
  2. Name: Sepatximevil Rules Broken (if any): None Time Punished: Punishment Length & Type: IP ban for 48 hours Staff Member who issued the punishment: Redeem yourself, explain the entirety of the situation: I got banned because mods think I am botting coins on my Legendary Hardcore Ironman(I can't even trade...). I am trying to get gems from the gemstall and I was alching body runes for magic xp without any bots/macro. Why should you be Unmuted/Banned?: False ban not even fair, and I got IP banned because of this. Pictures/Videos:?????

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