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    New Boss's

    the bosses are definitely cool, but I would say that the primal drops would be too op. There's items that could totally be added though.
  2. Exactly. The wildy wyrm is actually what I was referring to.
  3. yes Zulrah! thank you. Its been a bit since I've played actual RS.
  4. Hey guys, So I have a few suggestions as an incoming newbie to the server. SOOOOOO, Im sure it has been suggested in the past but we need a lava whip! haha there's already strykewyrms in the game so might as well put in a orange whip with boosted stats and call it a Lava whip. Suggestion two may be a difficult one. There is a boss in OSRS these days that drop a 'Serpentine Helm', a lvl 80 headgear that has venom in it to poison enemies as you attack. It also provides good bonuses in all three combat skills. It also drops pieces to the 'Toxic Blowpipe', a range weapon that is the fastest attacking weapon in game, with the same speed of knife throwing but much more powerful. I forgot the bosses name unfortunately so sorry about that but I'm sure someone knows xD Lastly, where are the combat dummies to test max hits??? That would be a neat little addition to the server. Thank you for your time. -Shelby
  5. shelby

    Howdy Ya'll

    Hi, my name is Shelby. No, I am not a woman. I have been on the server now for about 4 or 5 days and I'm thinking this server is so lit! I thought I would formally introduce myself because I believe I will be sticking around. I have a couple of suggestions but I'll make another post for that. I'm a friendly grinder mogul. I'm hoping for a blowup this summer for this summer and I have a few friends I will send this way as well.

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