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  1. Buff up the Hexhunter bow so its ranged attack bonus is 120 like the Zaryte Bow Since both are tier 80 and its ranged strength to 105 (10 below Zaryte Bow) by itself since there isn't anything higher than Dragon arrows At the moment, a magic bow with rune arrows has a higher attack bonus and only 1 less Ranged strength than a HH with Dragon Arrows. The HH bow has 50 Ranged strength no matter what arrows are being used even if the arrows are higher. The boost against magic classed enemies is listed at 12.5% extra damage and 10% Hit chance according the the runescape wiki, but the straight stat increase would make it viable at least for now and a better reason to kill the soul gazers other than comp kills Last two pictures are just two-handed bows for comparison Thanks.

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