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  1. THIS IS BS, considering an divine has a lower drop rate than subjugation, ive been at zamorak 5 horus today, got nothing.
  2. problem with current set up is that theres is no set up, try to get some decent mage gear, will take you 2 weeks of trading
  3. thats 2 diferent discussions, barrows is not dps gear tho, just some budget tier 70
  4. since theres a severe lack of trade in the server, a player driven economy dosnt work that well if theres not many players and the ones we have hoard items hard core. I suggest some items that help us in the road to max gear. ---- Theres a hard lack of magic equipment-------- you either. 1) buy mystics of ge and be done with it. 2) donate for virtus 3) camp zamorak for a year 4)play barrows for another year hoping you land an ahrims item so I suggest we add some lucky robes of subjugation to the shop, to guarantee the value of the original item, we obviously introduce it with the stats nerfed, not as nerfed as armadyl please, freaking black dhide is better. but somewhere in the range of (-10-20%) of the original stats, in case you dont know, armadyl is nerfed a 43% dps accuracy wise, wich is very bad ( from +40 to +23)(body) we could also use some shield to tackle that fist road to dfs or corp shields ( maybe some lucky dragonfire shield, to have to stats while we protect from fire and we land those first 40-50m to afford one) lucky divine and lucky elysian ( these items will have no defensive stats BUT will have the shield effect ) or the other way arround, nice defensive shield stats but no shield effect, or half the stats and half the effect something like that. ohh and please consider a slight buff to the lucky items they are preatty much useless at this point, that dosnt keep regular value item, since demand fixes and value and the demand comes from the hoarder not from the 2 hour into the game little joe, and the worst part, makes you not wanna pvm since the only good item from that shop is what, void ?

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