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  1. 4k boxes in and still going strong. I do agree that the cosmetic shit is a bit much haha. I've got like 80 full sets of skeleton and chicken and mime and basically every set there is... Would much rather get something useful like a small amount of skilling resources :p other than that, I like it alot.
  2. Owner Lation - So far, Lation has been extremely cool with me. He seems to be very level headed and an overall good guy. I see him on daily atleast attempting to welcome new players and talk to the old players every now and then. Developer Matt - N/A Haven't had the pleasure to meet him yet. Administrator Kari - Very helpful in game. Very active. Jokes around which is cool :p congrats on promotion! Global Moderator Nick - Don't think i've had the pleasure to talk with nick very much. Moderator Jeremy - Jeremy is a good guy. I don't tend to judge people too quickly but with the
  3. I like all of these ideas. Fully Support

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