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Click here to learn more about the May Exclusive Boxes!

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Introducing: May Exclusive Boxes
Check out this Month's exclusive items below (if you do not know what Exclusive Mystery Boxes are, read the thread posted below).

This is the 1st drop of our May Exclusive Boxes. Every month these boxes are changed, switched & have new Exclusive items!
(Exclusives are items that we only introduce ONCE, then are rarely available again)

At the end of this countdown below this message, a stock of 150 will be made available in our Store.
You must be quick if you want a shot at these exclusive & rare boxes- they sell out very quickly!

Check out this Month's Exclusive items below..


Secret Set - Oathbreaker revealed
A cosmetic override for Virtus



OG Obsidian
A cosmetic override for Torva, Pernix AND Virtus
Three different helmet options for all 3 styles
Works with all T1 & T2 Nex gear sets
Boots work with T1 & T2 Primordials, Pegasians & Eternals
Shield/ward works with T1 & T2 Divine spirit shield

 15.46.29-30.04.22.gif 15.47.18-30.04.22.png 15.47.29-30.04.22.png



Magmaton Bandos
Cosmetic override for T1 & T2 Bandos (TzHaar themed)


24k Bandos
Cosmetic override for T1 & T2 Bandos (...why not?)


Lightlocked Defender (Red & Blue)
In the spirit of May the 4th, we went with some Starwars themed items.
Works with Dragon defender & T1 & T2 Graetorian Defenders.



Starswept Full Slayer Helmet
Fully functioning 'full slayer helm' w/ stats. Not tradable.



Starborn Whips (Blue & Rainbow)
Fully functioning Abyssal whips w/ stats
15.56.30-30.04.22.gif 15.56.49-30.04.22.gif


Free Custom Item ($150 Credit)
We've had many occasions where a player wanted to use a "Free Custom Item (Recolor"
ticket to get a full blown custom item designed from scratch, and that ticket was never
intended to serve that purpose. So we solved that issue this month. Get a fully custom
designed item to your liking with this one-of-a-kind ticket! Or a typical recolor - your choice!



Still confused about what Exclusive boxes are? Read more here:

Good luck & may the RNG be with you

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