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Day Time Event
August 17th 12:14 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Fletching.
August 16th 2:36 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Woodcutting.
August 16th 2:26 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Firemaking.
August 15th 11:54 PM (Easy) looted Fish mask from the crystal chest.
August 15th 11:26 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Summoning.
August 15th 10:55 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Slayer.
August 15th 9:29 PM (Easy) recieved blazing greatsword as loot from: Archer Anomaly!
August 14th 11:29 PM (Easy) completed the fight caves!
August 13th 6:24 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Constitution.
August 13th 5:59 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Defence.
August 13th 5:39 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Dungeoneering.
August 13th 4:43 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Attack.
August 13th 3:56 PM (Easy) completed the fight caves!
August 13th 12:35 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Strength.
August 12th 8:12 PM (Easy) looted Lucky arcane spirit shield from a mystery box.
August 12th 8:11 PM (Easy) completed the welcome tutorial.