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Day Time Event
February 18th 4:47 PM (Easy) achieved 200M XP in Fishing and can now purchase a Master Cape!
February 11th 4:09 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Farming.
February 4th 1:23 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Crafting.
February 3rd 4:06 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Prayer.
January 28th 2:51 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Smithing.
January 28th 9:50 AM (Easy) looted Gilded platebody from a casket.
January 28th 8:56 AM (Easy) received Rocky, the Mining pet drop.
January 28th 7:55 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Mining.
January 28th 6:48 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Dungeoneering.
January 28th 6:38 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Strength.
January 25th 11:16 AM (Easy) recieved candy cane as loot from: Nibbles, Christmas' End!
January 23rd 3:49 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Ranged.
January 23rd 3:30 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Constitution.
January 20th 3:03 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Fletching.
January 14th 2:09 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Defence.
January 14th 1:22 PM (Easy) looted Gilded kiteshield from a casket.
January 14th 12:51 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Attack.
January 13th 4:08 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Cooking.
January 13th 2:42 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Runecrafting.
January 12th 2:25 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Magic.
January 10th 5:38 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Fishing.
January 10th 5:07 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Agility.
January 9th 6:51 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Thieving.
January 9th 5:25 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Woodcutting.
January 9th 5:05 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Firemaking.
January 9th 12:39 PM (Easy) completed the welcome tutorial.