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Day Time Event
April 11th 9:52 PM (Easy) achieved Max cape.
April 11th 9:50 PM (Easy) achieved 120 Dungeoneering.
April 11th 9:50 PM (Easy) achieved at least level 99 in all skills!
April 10th 12:38 PM (Easy) received bandos hilt as loot from: General Graardor!
April 8th 5:52 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Summoning.
April 8th 5:33 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Construction.
April 8th 5:01 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Hunter.
April 8th 4:37 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Runecrafting.
April 8th 2:25 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Slayer.
April 8th 2:04 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Firemaking.
April 8th 1:47 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Smithing.
April 8th 1:19 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Mining.
April 8th 12:46 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Fletching.
April 8th 12:10 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Crafting.
April 7th 10:24 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Magic.
April 7th 10:10 PM (Easy) had the most kills during the Harbinger X'rul event!
April 7th 3:00 AM (Easy) achieved 200M XP in Fishing and can now purchase a Master Cape!
April 7th 12:08 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Cooking.
April 6th 11:36 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Fishing.
April 6th 10:15 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Prayer.
April 6th 4:17 AM (Easy Ironman) achieved 99 Farming.
April 6th 1:42 AM (Easy Ironman) completed the fight caves!
April 6th 1:08 AM (Easy Ironman) achieved 99 Woodcutting.
April 4th 4:38 PM (Easy Ironman) achieved 99 Ranged.
April 4th 3:28 PM (Easy Ironman) achieved 99 Constitution.
April 4th 1:36 PM (Easy Ironman) achieved 99 Defence.