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Loot bag QOL

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Username (ingame): Maaaaaaarz

Suggestion (short description):
1.) Make Looting bags persist through death. 

2.) Allow for rearranging of items to be done outside of Wilderness

Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): 

1.) In OSRS the system encourages the use of looting bags through item storage options like Zulrah, as well as a 60 minute timer on items lost on death. So it's harder to manage items as an UIM in Ely.
2.) Progression happens to quickly to justify having to interrupt gameplay to rearrange inventory space.  Again, it's much easier to manage in OSRS 

Details (a more thorough explanation of the above):
1.) Have the looting bag continue to drop contents, but persist after death.  Looting bag will continue to be lost on death.  This helps with inventory management, as you don't have to keep juggling items constantly to prevent them from being lost, or stolen.   It helps maintain the flow of the game, without making UIM too easy.

2.) Allowing to take items in and out of the bags freely will assist in the flow of the game as well.   However, adding this option will clearly be incredibly overpowered, making for an additional 28 pieces of food or potions on top of the already existing 30< from BoBs.  I propose having a restriction of only noted items being able to be in the looting bag, or non combat items.

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